My coaching is delivered through Cadence Performance in London, where I offer a range of coaching packages all aimed at one outcome – improving your performance on the bike, whatever your level of riding.

I operate on a remote and virtual basis during the current time, so no matter where you are in the world, we can work together.

This page will outline the different packages I offer and what the process is to get started!



Initial consultation

Your coaching journey starts with a free initial consultation with me, which is usually done virtually over the phone or video call. During this we discuss your exercise history, current lifestyle, training goals, event ambitions, and availability to train. You'll also find out more about me as a coach and how I work.

You are not tied into anything by doing a coaching consultation, but once you're finished your consultation I will send you sign-up options to get started with some training and we will schedule our first review to make sure you are coping with the training well.

trainingpeaks setup

I utilise TrainingPeaks as a coaching platform as it allows me to deliver training in an effective way, communicate with you, and perform analysis on your training to ensure you are progressing in the correct way. This comes at no cost to you as I will set you up with a free athlete account, but you are more than welcome to upgrade your account to a premium account on TrainingPeaks in order to get more out of the system if you wish.

If you already have a TrainingPeaks account, I will link that to my coach account and do a review of your training history.

begin training

Training will be planned directly into TrainingPeaks, and is fully individualised based on what your goals are, whether you want to train indoors or outdoors; if you have a power meter or just a heart rate monitor etc. You can set up TrainingPeaks to e-mail you your workout information as well!

Once you have done your training, you can then leave comments about how you felt during this session, which is extremely useful to me as a coach as I will read all comments to get an insight into how you are coping with the sessions.

Reviews, catch-ups, & communication

After a set period of training we will have a catch-up to check in with each other and see how you are finding your training and progression. These can be done virtually over the phone or video call, and can be arranged by using the Bookings form on this website. I will also communicate with you via e-mail about your training and respond to any extra communications via e-mail that you send me, such as questions about training methods, event preparation, stretching etc.

Frequency of calls and e-mails will depend on your coaching plan, but we will discuss this during your consultation and find a solution that works best for you.



The Bronze plan is perfect if you just want a structured and progressive training plan, and light contact from a coach to ensure that you are making the right use of your time. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or experienced cyclist this plan could be for you.

£50 pcm



Offering more communication and adjustibility over the Bronze plan, the Silver plan can offer you a more in-depth and focused coaching experience. For regular events or races, this plan is a good starting point for cyclists looking to see improvements in performance.

£80 pcm



The highest level of communication and flexibility on offer can give you full control and customisability of your training. If you want regular catch-up meetings and training analysis to prepare you fully for events then this plan is for you. 

£125 pcm